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Election 2022 – registered to vote?

The Post Office has this week assisted us in delivery of a reminder to every household across the Parish about how to vote for Constables and District Deputies in the forthcoming General Election. You can register to vote online today, see the Elections page on our website, takes 5 minutes to complete Registering to Vote | Parish of St Lawrence

The guidance note also gives eligible voters details of firm deadlines for when you can opt to do an advance postal vote, or an advance pre-poll vote in town or in person on the Polling Day 22 June 2022.

You can find all this information at www.vote.je too and attached below is the pdf of the official Postal Vote Application Form should you need more than one (as each person needs to sign their own form). We have spare copies printed at the Parish Hall for those without access to a printer or scanning app.

The completed forms can be scanned through as a pdf  to [email protected]  or they can be sent by post or hand delivered to the Judicial Greffe.  Please do not send them to the Parish Hall as governance of this initial phase of the electoral process is overseen by the Judicial Greffe, all pursuant to the Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 as amended Jan 2022.

The [email protected] email address is purely for receiving completed application forms.

#everyvotecounts Vote.je

Advice on voting is available from the friendly and knowledgeable Election 2022 helpline telephone on 441020.