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Refuse and RecyclingSalop’thies et R’cycliéthie

Who collects our rubbish?

Following a tender process, the Parish engaged an external contractor for the kerbside refuse (weekly) and recycling (monthly) collection services. Kerbside means the Parish by-road in the vicinity of your property.

What type of bin must I use?

Refuse (& separately your glass) must be placed in a wheelie bin. You can purchase a bin from several retailers in the Island, such as Romeril, JFTU or Pentagon.

Why can’t I use my traditional dustbin for my refuse?

To comply with the Health & Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989, older style dustbins are no longer acceptable across the Island. Manual handling of loads is considered to be a significant risk to the refuse worker. The refuse workers work really hard and collect from over 2000 householders, that’s a lot of bins to manoeuvre safely each week.

Who can I call if I need advice or have an issue?

In the first instance if you have a question about refuse such as which day your refuse is collected or that your bin was missed, please contact the Refuse Supervisor on 01534 500191 (do leave a message) or email [email protected]; if you are dissatisfied with the contractor’s service please give them the opportunity to fix the issue in the first instance. If you remain dissatisfied, please put your complaint in writing to the Connétable at the Parish Hall, or via email [email protected] with the facts of your case, as the Connétable monitors all service level agreements.

Where do I get the other recycling containers?

For recycling, if you are new to the Parish, we can provide a free set of recycling containers for paper, plastic and metal (you are required to purchase your own glass wheelie bin). Call the Parish Office on 01534 861672 or email [email protected] to arrange for a set to be collected by you from the Parish Hall. It is acknowledged that monthly is not often enough for some households, so you may need to pop out to the communal recycling sites such as Three Oaks or across the Island or La Collette to do a mid-month empty.

What happens to all the recycling waste in Jersey?

There is some helpful information on gov.je including locations where you can drop off other materials for safe recycling or disposal.

*PS I’m new to the Parish, which day should I put my refuse or recycling out? Email or call the Refuse Supervisor on 01534 500191 or email [email protected] as they independently manage their route and collection dates.

2023 recycling dates (*please ask VML if you are are unsure which day your byroad is collected from):

Recycling* dates 2023  Paper, metal, plasticGlass
JanuaryMon 9th and Tues 10thMon 16th and Tues 17th
FebruaryMon 13th and Tues 14thMon 20th and Tues 21st
MarchMon 13th and Tues 14thMon 20th and Tues 21st
AprilMon 17th and Tues 18thMon 24th and Tues 25th
MayMon 15th and Tues 16thMon 22nd and Tues 23rd
JuneMon 12th and Tues 13thMon 19th and Tues 20th
JulyMon 10th and Tues 11thMon 17th and Tues 18th
AugustMon 14th and Tues 15thMon 21st and Tues 22nd
SeptemberMon 11th and Tues 12thMon 18th and Tues 19th
OctoberMon 9th and Tues 10thMon 16th and Tues 17th
NovemberMon 13th and Tues 14thMon 20th and Tues 21st
DecemberMon 11th and Tues 12thMon 18th and Tues 19th