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Parish Speed Limit Review

The Infrastructure & Environment Department are seeking the views of Islanders as part the ongoing Parish Speed Limit review.

There are proposals to reduce the speed limits which would affect roads in:

  • Trinity
  • St John
  • St Mary, and adjoining areas of St Lawrence and St Peter

In all, around 50 roads are proposed for reductions.

Changing speed limits could:

  • help make cyclists and pedestrians feel safer
  • expand the Green Lane network
  • address the concerns of residents

This short survey will be anonymous, and your responses will be used to help shape the proposals taken forward. Your comments will help us better understand any potential impacts the proposals may have on the community. The proposals, if supported, will then be submitted to the Minister for Infrastructure who will make the final decision on implementation.

Share your comments online here – Speed Limits Review (gov.je)

Or written questionnaires are also available at the Parish Hall.