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Improving Residential Tenancies in Jersey – Residential Tenancy Law Reform proposals

The Minister for Housing and Communities has launched a consultation to seek views on proposals for a new Residential Tenancy Law, as set out in the Improving Residential Tenancies in Jersey Residential Tenancy Law Reform proposals paper published on 14 April 2023.  

The paper explains the Minister’s proposed approach to improving the existing Residential Tenancy Law, which will look to make enhancements to residential tenancies and broaden the scope of the law to include matters such as rent stabilisation, social housing provision and the introduction of a new housing tribunal.    

The paper has been published further to action MHC P3.2 of the Minister for Housing and Communities Delivery Plan, which sets the agenda for improvements to residential tenancy legislation in Jersey.  

The paper sets the direction of travel for much-needed modernisation of residential tenancy legislation. Given the scale of work that is required to introduce the changes proposed, it is essential that everyone has the chance to contribute their views. This will help shape policy and legislation which can meet the needs of tenants and landlords in Jersey, whilst helping to ensure that the resulting draft law is supported and implemented without delay. 

To submit comments please follow this link – Housing Minister sets out plans to reform residential tenancy legislation (gov.je)