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Government of Jersey Storm Ciarán update

Storm Ciarán update: Mon 13 November

  • Hautlieu School now partially reopened but weekend’s bad weather hampers repairs
  • All pupils are now back at Samarès School, but some lessons continue off-site
  • Work with specialist equipment to remove fallen trees on the Railway Walk has begun
    The wet, windy weather over the weekend has continued to hamper repairs to Hautlieu and Samarès schools. There are leaks at both schools which still need repairing and work is ongoing.
    Enough progress was made with repairs at Hautlieu School to allow it to be partially reopened today (Monday). Some students have been able to go into school as normal while others have continued with home learning. It is hoped the whole school will be back in from Wednesday.
    At Samarès School, the hall and some upstairs areas are still out of use. However, all pupils are back at school with some lessons and activities happening at the nearby Youth Centre and Le Clos Mourant Estate while repairs are done.
    Railway Walk
    The specialist equipment to clear large fallen trees along the Railway Walk arrived in Jersey over the weekend.
    Infrastructure and Environment (I&E) are now beginning to clear the trees, however, it is anticipated this will take some time.
    As it remains highly dangerous, Islanders are reminded not to go to the Railway Walk until further notice.