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Final Reminder – Register Your Dog Now

The Parish Connétables have issued a final reminder for dog owners that 2024 licences should be purchased before the end of January.

Following the successful launch of Doglicences.je, over 7,000 dog licences have been purchased for 2024. But this leaves 2,000 still to be renewed by Wednesday.

Chairman of the Comité des Connétables, Mike Jackson, said –

“There are quite a number of dog licences still to be renewed. We would remind dog owners not to delay as the charge of £10 per dog increases to £20 from Thursday 1 February.

Paper applications are accepted by all Parishes but over 80% of dog owners have used the new online portal this year. Doglicences.je provides a simple, quick process to apply and pay for a dog licence and is available 24/7″

Dog owners are able to self-manage their record through doglicences.je and will receive email reminders to renew next year. There’s no need to create an account or remember a password – access to the system and dog licence details is by ‘magic link’.

Any person wishing to keep a dog over the age of 6 months must purchase a licence; there are exceptions for a dog trained to assist a blind or deaf person. The Dogs law also outlines the process for dealing with stray dogs and dogs that worry livestock or are dangerously out of control.