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Deadline reminder Dog Licences 2022 & FAQs

All dogs must be licensed each year pursuant to

the Dogs (Jersey) Law 1961

Each year you are obliged to complete the licence application form as you are declaring that you continue to accept the important responsibilities of being a dog owner, such as but not limited to: proper control near livestock, on the lead beach walking restrictions and removal of dog waste.

The form also helps us ensure your data is correct, up to date and assists our audit process.

The licence fee is £10 per dog due by 31 Jan each year; the statutory regulations require that late applications fees (i.e those made after 31 Jan in any year) rise to £20 per dog.

You can print the form at home (find it here Dog Licence | Parish of St Lawrence) and deliver it to the Hall before 31 Jan enclosing the fee or we can send you a form in the mail. If you wish to pay by card, please note this on your form with your daytime telephone number or go to the payment link on this website (renewals only).


  • Each licence is specific to one dog and is not transferable;
  • You do not need a licence if the puppy is younger than 6 months; &
  • You do not need a licence if the dog is a used solely by a blind or deaf person for their guidance.

For more information and application forms for a licence, please call in to the Parish Hall or call 861672 or email parishhall@stlawrence.je