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Coronation Park ‘What would you like to see?’

A consultation has opened to understand how best to incorporate an area of Millbrook Playing Fields into Coronation Park.

The Infrastructure, Housing and Environment Department (IHE) is asking children and young people to share their ideas by drawing or describing their favourite things to do outside. 

All of the resources are available online so schools, community groups and families can access them from gov.je/CoronationPark

Two online surveys are also available for adults: one focusing on the Park extension and the second asks about travel to and from the Park.

IHE is also keen to hear from individuals and organisations that work with children and young people and an email address is provided if you have specific thoughts and ideas relating to the project.

The consultation closes on Monday 31st October 2022 and a report summarising the responses will be published on the website soon after.

Please visit gov.je/CoronationPark for more information and to take part in the consultation.