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Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark – walking events

Jersey Heritage is hosting several guided walks, adding that they are “great opportunities to discover how Jersey has been shaped by time and tide”, see EventBrite for tickets.

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Geowalk: Tales of Fire, Ice and Oceans

On a gentle walk along rocky channels and through water-filled gullies we travel back in time and unveil the traces of Jersey’s geological history and the fascinating story of humans on the Island.

Meeting point: La Rocque Slipway

Wednesday, April 27, at 10:00

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Geowalk: Explore Plémont

Discover how earthquakes in the past are responsible for the landscape we see today. We will follow the routes of Edwardian tourists and explore the caves. We will then go on to the headland and walk round the regenerated area which now belongs to the National Trust for Jersey – this walk is great for all the family.

Meeting Point: Plémont café

Saturday, April 30, at 13:30

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Geowalk: Around L’Etacq and Le Pinacle

Starting at L’Etacq by Faulkner Fisheries we will be looking at the features which show us that sea level and climate change is nothing new and the Anthropocene (the age of man) is upon us.

Meeting point: Faulkner Fisheries

Tuesday, May 10, at 14:00

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Geowalk: The Mont-à-l’abbé Landscape

Discover how the geology determines the landscape of valleys, uplands and ancient route ways and how the Ice Age provided soil which contributes so much to the Island’s agriculture.

Meeting point: Woodlands Farm

Thursday, May 12, at 10:00

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Geowalk: La Pulente and the Ormering Tide

Explore the southern end of St Ouen’s Bay. Discover how the rocks created 500 to 600 million years ago have determined the landscape and its use.

Meeting point: La Pulente Car Park

Tuesday, May 24, at 10:00

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Geowalk: Into the Woods

Explore the delightful woodlands at Grève de Lecq. See evidence for the land use changes made over several centuries. Discover the importance of trees and woodland in today’s world.

Meeting point;Grève de Lecq Carpark

Saturday, May 28, at 14:00

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Geowalk: The Secrets of La Cotte de St Brelade

We will start on the beach and if the tide and conditions allow we will scramble over the foreshore to the foot of La Cotte de St Brelade to find out about the Neanderthals who used this site for almost 200,000 years, hunting Woolly Rhinoceros and Mammoth across the now hidden coastal plain.

Meeting point: Ouaisne Car Park

Sunday, June 12,  at 10:30

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Geowalk: Jersey’s Journey from the South Pole

How did the Ice ages form the land where mammoths and woolly rhinos roamed Jersey’s tundra? Why was St Aubin’s Harbour once the most important on the Island? Find the answers hidden in the rocks as we stroll across the beach.

Meeting point: St Aubin’s carpark by the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club

Monday, June 20,  at 16:30

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Geowalk: Portelet Common

Join us for a tour of Portelet Common. Experience the wild nature and magnificent views of this outstanding heathland and discover why it has been important to humankind for millennia.

Meeting point; Portelet Common Parking

Saturday, June 25,  at 10:00

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