Nomination case at the Royal Court

We just spent the day in the Royal Court at the hearing of the well publicised case of the defective nomination form of Reform candidate Sarah Westwater.

After a full morning of testimonies from her proposers, seconders and party officials, it was found that Miss Westwater’s form had a number of defects and discrepancies. None of them were suspected to be malicious and the problem was whether to allow such breaches of the law and whether the court had the jurisdiction to consider them “not a matter of substance”.

After a lunch recess and the defendant’s statement, I was asked to make a contribution:

“I understand the problem of jurisdiction and the serious issue of not setting a bad precedent but I would prefer to face Miss Westwater in the polls”.

And I will.

In a surprise, but welcome, judgement, the Royal Court decided to uphold Miss Westwater’s candidature and the elections will therefore take place as planned in St Lawrence on the 16th of May with the three candidates myself, Kirsten Morel and Sarah Westwater competing for the two available Deputy seats.