Special Interest Groups

Candidates have been invited by many special interest groups to listen to their problems and share their views.

So far,  Digital Jersey, Plastic Free Jersey, the Jersey Construction Council, Chamber Connection and Jersey Sport have invited all the candidates, while the Jersey Chamber of Commerce invited a select subset of four, probably trying to guess who will really be running the government in six weeks time.

Agriculture also had a voice with the first Senatorial hustings having been held at the RJA&HS especially for farmers. The large number of candidates for Senator meant that only a handful of questions could be asked but they unsurprisingly revolved around the availability of temporary workforce and the declining States help for agriculture.

Similar issues were raised by the other groups who found it difficult to hire locally and struggled to deal with new taxes such as the proposed Waste Tax.

Plastic Free Jersey would like to see the Island take the lead in regulating single use plastics and Digital Jersey were promoting a project for delivering IT degrees in Jersey.

You can find my views on all of these in the Questions section of this web site.